4 weeks to go!

So I first had the idea of doing this planted in my head almost ten 10years ago, I decided I was definitely going to do it about 4 months ago and now I’ve spent the last 3 months trying to get fit enough to to do it, and it all starts in less than 4 weeks!

Training has been going well, and apart from some pretty horrible bike rides in the freezing rain there have been some great days out too. The sun has even come out sometimes to allow outdoor climbing over in the Wye valley and a fantastic Easter weekend climbing Galloway sea cliffs. Today I even managed my first afterwork climb in the Avon Gorge (10min cycle from my work fortunately).

Planning is also going well. All of the bike routes have been planned and partners lined up for almost all of the main areas. I’m hoping that the last few blanks will sort them selves out in the next few weeks or soon after I start! I have been overwhelmed with a lot of the enthusiasm shown by people who are keen to get involved, some of whom I haven’t even met let alone climbed with.

So all in all I am feeling good about things. I am definitely worried about my fitness, endurance and by body holding together, but I am hoping it will be lots of fun and I’ll make it to Skye for the end of July!

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