The Challenge

In 1997 Jamie Fisher decided to climb all of the climbs in ‘Classic Rock’, a 1978 showcase of British rock climbs complied by Ken Wilson.  To make it far more of an interesting challenge than simply ‘puerile ticking’ he decided to cycle between them all. He wrote a great article about it in climber magazine that you can see here (sometimes doesn’t display on phone browsers).

I was fortunate to know Jamie and he was the first person to take me outdoor climbing at Blackford hill quarry many years ago, but sadly he died in an accident in the Alps in 1999. Jamie has always been an inspiration for me and I had always fancied a go at repeating what he did, and having run out of excuses not to give it a go….I did.

Jamie Fisher
Jamie Fisher in the Karakorum – Photo Ruaridh Pringle