Support from Montane

During my trip all of my clothing will have to endure a couple of thousand miles of cycling, a few hundred miles of walking in the mountains and of course about 10,000m of rock climbing, all in the finest British summer weather i.e. probably a bit damp. I need clothes that will be able to perform well doing all of these activities, keep me relatively dry and importantly be lightweight and durable. Montane have been kind enough to provide me set of lightweight waterproofs (Minimus Jacket and Atomic Pants) that will hopefully be a perfect fit with what I need. I will also be using a Montane Featherlight Backpack as a crag bag and multi-pitching bag, this packs down small and is lightweight enough to be carried on my bike.

oli Warlow
Thinking light thoughts in my trusty Montane featherlight smock…

What I need from my clothing and equipment fits exactly with the Montane design philosophy of making lightweight performance clothing and I am looking forward to using their gear over the course of my trip.

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