About me

My name is Oli Warlow and I was born in Oxford, moving to Edinburgh as a toddler it was there that I spent my formative years. I was fortunate to be taken out in the hills by my parents from a young age giving me a great enthusiasm for the outdoors and all the activities they have to offer.

Whilst at Newcastle University I spent an industrial placement year working in Derby and it was here I really got into climbing, both locally in the Peak district and a sport climbing trip to Spain with my brother. Returning to Newcastle I became involved with the university mountaineering club and made firm friends for life. The friends I made on the first few climbing trips away are the same ones I still climb with today (10 years later) and many of them will be joining me for parts of this adventure.

My climbing aspirations probably peaked in 2012 when I spent three months in Yosemite Valley making several solo and partnered big wall climbs on El Capitan. Since then I have definitely been guilty of living of tales of the past (in climbing terms anyway), so I thought it was definitely time for a new adventure. Apart from the routes themselves I am exited about the opportunity to explore the UK and I think most importantly (and like Jamie Fisher did) I will get to spend time with lots of friends along the way.